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Our goal is to help you preserve the value of your money and provide you with the best returns. We do this through our team of skilled portfolio managers who research the market and make sure they get you the best value. Our Services includes:


    We offer investment opportunities in Mutual Funds tailored to suit your investment needs. Mutual Funds as collective investment schemes that get clients the best results by pooling investment assets together. We currently offer a USD Income Mutual Fund and a Naira Equity Fund which provide you access to a cost-effective, diversified and professionally managed, liquid, and top-quality securities. Invest Here


    We provide top-class products and services that are professionally delivered on very competitive terms, using cutting-edge technology. We formulate client-specific investment strategies based on an agreed performance benchmark and client’s investment objectives to deliver optimal value.


    We help clients to undertake periodic reviews of their portfolios based on changing market conditions and regulatory environment to achieve optimal returns on investment. Our Investment Advisory services offer clients different strategic reviews and forecasts to enable the formulation of well-rounded investment decisions across different asset classes..

Our Products


Money Market Instrument

This investment has a maturity profile of less than one year and is suitable for investors with a less aggressive risk appetite. They include commercial paper, Nigeria treasury bill and fixed deposits.


Earn cash in your wallet

Enjoy attractive interest when you stack up funds for longer periods. Our wallet is designed to function as dedicated savings account, where you earn interest on funds left in your wallet.


Mutual Funds

This investment vehicle pools money from many investors and invests it in a portfolio of securities, such as stocks, bonds, or other assets, based on the fund's investment objective. Product offerings here include a money market fund, a bond fund, an equity market fund, and a dollar fund.



We invest in equities on behalf of our clients as part of our portfolio management strategy.

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