Bank quickly on the go

Speed up your banking processes and streamline investment placements with our Corporate Banking Solution

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bank tab
bank tab

Easy Banking, Savings and Investment App

Bank & Invest; allows you disburse in bulk and manage your payroll

  • Create a corporate account and fund

    Download our app or use our website to create your account; fund and you are ready to go

  • Start making investment placement

    Save , Invest and earn interest. Invest in Halo Naira or USD investment products

  • Manage your Payroll

    Disburse salaries. Offer employees Naira and USD savings, investment and credit products via mobile and web. Allow emergency borrowing!

Accelerate your Business Growth with Halo's Tailored Banking Infrastructure

Wallet, Investment, Savings and Lending Infrastructure, All Accessible via API

Our Banking as a Services Solution enables you to:

  • Create multiples wallet for diverse finacial needs

  • Enable your customer to invest in Naira and USD investment products, maximizing their earnings

  • Empower your customers to save and earn accrued interest on their savings.

  • Provide your customers with the flexibility to borrow funds for emergencies and unforeseen expenses.


Start leveraging our banking as a service solution following the steps:

  • Sign Up and onboard your business on our Banking as a Service platform.

  • Begin integration with our APIs using your test keys

  • Access your production keys upon KYC approval

  • Go live and start leveraging our comprehensive banking solutions!